EOY – Entries Due by midnight, Sunday November 8th.

The December 13th Council meeting will include the annual awards ceremony for the 2015 high point winners in each class for each of the divisions, the highest individual point winners and the high point winner amongst the clubs. Also awarded with be plaques and ribbons for the winners in the End of the Year Competition (EOY) described below.

The meeting will include SHORT photo programs, one per club. These should be five to seven minutes long, and the topic is your choice. So organize with your club members what you would like to share.

For the EOY Competition each Council member may enter two images in each category. No classes, entry forms or entry fees are involved, just a maximum of two images per category that were entered in a Council competition during 2015. Humor entries are the exception and do not need to have been previously entered.
1. Print Categories – Color & Monochrome
2. Digital Categories – Pictorial, Nature, PJ, Travel & Humor

The deadline for both the digital and print entries is Sunday November 8th, the day of the November Council meeting. The digital entries are due by midnight and the print entries at the end of the meeting. Both digital and print images entered in the competition that day may be entered in the EOY competition. The prints will be packed into photo travel cases and carried to Stockton to be judged. They will be returned at the December Council meeting. Digital entries except for those for Humor are to be entered the traditional way through sjvccc.org. The Humor entries are to be emailed to submissions@sjvccc.org.

I think that covers it, but if there are questions please let me know.


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October Entries.

All images received have been confirmed and listed on the entries page.


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Message from the President – John Greening

As we move toward our final two competition meetings for 2015 here are a some of reminders.

1) The October Digital Deadline is Friday, Oct 2nd.

2) We have done really well this year on the digital file naming and resizing of entries. Please remind your members to keep it up. Sometimes the summer vacation brings fall errors.

3) Except for a little flurry early in the year, we have not had many make-ups. This is great and eases the work of the Division Chairs. Since there is no competition that follows the November meeting the Oct. meeting is the last meeting where make-ups can be accepted.

4) Remember that the End of the Year digital and print entries will be due the weekend of the November meeting. Details at the October meeting.

As this is my last year as President, I would like to start the process of determining who will be serving as officers and in the appointed positions for 2016. I know that some of you are interested in different offices. So if you are currently serving as an officer or an appointee and are looking for a change, or know someone who would be willing to serve, please let me know.

President (Lame Duck)

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I’m Back!

Back from vacation and the entries received so far for October have been processed and confirmed.


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September Workshop – Projector?

Anyone going to the September Workshop in Fresno that would be willing to transport the Projector? I will be on vacation and leave this coming Saturday, so we would need to meet up either Thursday or Friday Afternoon or Saturday Morning somewhere to hand it over to you.

If you can take it to the meeting, please contact me ASAP the usual ways.


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September Workshop

Just a reminder there is no competition in September, it will be our annual workshop and this time we have someone coming in to present it.

Sunday, September 13th, 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Ramada Inn, 324 E Shaw Avenue in Fresno

This two part workshop will focus on all the things that happen before and after that wonderful trip you took to get all those fabulous photos. Gary will discuss subject selection, location research, and planning on the pre-shoot side of the equation. For after a shoot, he will show how he handles his own professional work-flow regarding bringing images into the computer for editing and processing in Photoshop. He will also touch on how he gets his images ready for distributing to his various stock agents around the globe.

Gary specializes in scenic landscapes, travel destinations and imagery of California and the Western United States. After graduation from Humboldt State University, Gary managed the stock department of Galen Rowell’s mountain light Studio for nine years. He has worked with many of the world’s best advertising agencies, magazines and publishers. He is the author of seven books. The most recent is “Photographing California: Volume 1—North.

More about Gary, including examples of his work, is at En-lightened Images (www.enlightphoto.com)

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