The San Joaquin Valley Camera Club Council

Furthering Photography through Competition.

The San Joaquin Valley Camera Club Council consists of California camera clubs from Bakersfield to Modesto. They are: Selma Chroma, Fresno, Madera, Merced, Modesto, Taft, Stockton, Tracy and Bakersfield. All members of these camera clubs are automatically members of council, and are encouraged to participate in the monthly meetings and competitions.

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Surreal Snow Globe by Craig Hadfield Surreal Snow GLobe by Craig J Hadfield
Zoomed tiger Zoomed Tiger by Pat Gosland
Puzzled Drum Puzzled Drum by Craig Hadfield
Tarantula steps out by Craig Hadfield Tarantula Step out by Craig Hadfield

Brooks Institute to Close!

World famous Brooks Institute Photography School is to close it’s doors after 70 years.  Citing falling attendance, the economy and regulatory changes the school announced on August 12th that it will close it’s doors on October 31st 2016.

Website and press release available HERE.


Are you backing your images up?

The worst thing that can happen to your images is for your hard drive to fail and you not have backups, they all can be gone in an instant.   External hard drives have gotten so cheap now that it’s very affordable to get one and copy all your images to it periodiacally.  I try to back up once per month at least, though I will admit it is sometimes 3-4 months if I haven’t been very active.

There are many programs you can buy to make doing the backups easier, but my favorite one is free, and will copy just the changed and new images, so you’re not copying everything each time.

Sync Toy by Microsoft is what I use, small, simple and works great.  You can get it HERE.


New Tutorial Sections added.

I have added a new Tutorial page to list a few simple tutorial videos, slow process so far as it has taken me 8 hours to get a usable 2 minute video, and even then I’m not happy with the sound and will probably re-record it soon.  EDIT: Have now replaced it with one with better sound.

First attempt at creating a set of videos for new members to help them get images ready for competitions. My intention is to have a step by step guide to entering the digital slides before long.

Won’t be much help for current members but I am hoping it will encourage some new people to start entering.


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