September Workshop

Just a reminder there is no competition in September, it will be our annual workshop and this time we have someone coming in to present it.

Sunday, September 13th, 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Ramada Inn, 324 E Shaw Avenue in Fresno

This two part workshop will focus on all the things that happen before and after that wonderful trip you took to get all those fabulous photos. Gary will discuss subject selection, location research, and planning on the pre-shoot side of the equation. For after a shoot, he will show how he handles his own professional work-flow regarding bringing images into the computer for editing and processing in Photoshop. He will also touch on how he gets his images ready for distributing to his various stock agents around the globe.

Gary specializes in scenic landscapes, travel destinations and imagery of California and the Western United States. After graduation from Humboldt State University, Gary managed the stock department of Galen Rowell’s mountain light Studio for nine years. He has worked with many of the world’s best advertising agencies, magazines and publishers. He is the author of seven books. The most recent is “Photographing California: Volume 1—North.

More about Gary, including examples of his work, is at En-lightened Images (

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Ever have trouble ID’ing a bird?

I recently found a website via a YouTube channel that helps ID birds (North American). You enter a picture of the bird, click a few points on the bird and it compares it to it’s database. I have tried it with a few pictures and now know the pretty blue bird I took a picture of is a Grosbeak! It can take a while sometimes but it has hit the right name 4 out of 5 attempts.

Check it out here:


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June Entries Confirmed to date.

All entries received by me as at 7:30 PM June 5th are now confirmed. If you do not have an email from me or your name is not listed here please resend ASAP.


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Next Deadline June 5th.

The June deadline is actually in June for a change, please have your images to me by June 5th!


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May Entries

If you don’t have a confirmation from me, I DO NOT have your may images. Contact me ASAP.


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Annual PSA Council Challenge

Sam is going to organize our entries for the Annual PSA Council Challenge this year.

1) Three categories all digital: Color, Monochrome & Nature

2) Each Council may submit ten per category to PSA.

3) Each member may submit up to three entries per category to Sam Shaw ( by April 30th. Images should be 1024 x 768 a,d they should be named Firstname_Surname_Title.jpg, ie Craig_Hadfield_Awesome Picture.jpg

4) PSA Council Challenge – Councils Challenge | Photographic Society of America

Posted on behalf of John Greening.

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