Digital Slides Received

I have received submissions from the following people for June 2015.

Submitter Pict. PJ Nature Travel Comments

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  1. ATOLSMA says:

    C raig, I sent images tonight, but did not receive a confirmation screen. Want them again? Andy

  2. Yes resend, did not receive them.

    If you do not see a confirmation screen or get an email, the most likely cause is an image larger than 1mb.

  3. Ed Benes says:

    Pete Tinetti says he submitted pics and got an acknowledgment, but his name is not noted above.
    Ed Benes

  4. He may of gotten the auto responder, but I have not received anything from him, and have no contact information for him.

  5. DGoins says:

    Hi Craig,
    I sent two pics in all divisions–twice…but did not see a confirmation!
    I have a very slow internet. I hope you received them.
    – Debra Goins

  6. I did not, Most common cause of a failed submission is an image over the size of 1mb in the submission. Another is the use of an apostrophe in a file name (though this one causes a 404 error).

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