End of Year Images


As at 10:10PM all entries received have been confirmed and adding to the list.  IF you sent images Prior to 10pm and have not got a confirmation, I DO NOT have them.

The Deadline is midnight tonight.


November Entries

I have confirmed all entries I have received as at 10:15 PM Friday.  If you have sent entries before  10:15 PM friday and do not have a confirmation from me, I DO NOT have them.


November Deadline


The November deadline is fast approaching, it is this coming Friday, the 4th.

Also keep in mind the day of the meeting, Sunday the 13th is the deadline for End of Year submissions.  Prints must be brought to the meeting, digitals must be submitted by midnight.


2017 San Joaquin Valley International

San Joaquin Valley International Exhibition

The entry form for the 2017 San Joaquin Valley International Exhibition is now live and open to entries.  It can be accessed via the menu above on the top right or you can go directly through http://www.exhibition.sjvccc.org.

Shirley continues on as the General Chair and Elizabeth Bedard of Fresno Camera Club has come forward and replaced Tom Frazier as the Digital Chair.


September Entries

All entries received as at 8 PM Friday evening have been confirmed by email and listed here.

If your name isn’t on that list and you don’t have an email from me, I do not have your entries.

2 people have reported having problems finding the entry form, it is in the Monthly Competition menu to the right of the logo, or you can go straight to it HERE.


Gold Rush International Exhibition

Gold Rush International Exhibition

We cordially invite you to enter this exhibition. Our closing date is coming up soon: October 1, 2016.

Conditions of entry can be found at:


and the digital entry form can be found at:


The Gold Rush Exhibition is recognized by the Photographic Society of America Projected Image Division (PID). There are two sections: Color Projected Images (PID) Open and Creative.  Monochrome images are not accepted.

Entry Fees are US$7 per section.  Paypal is the preferred payment method.

We look forward to your participation – and best wishes in the exhibition.

With regards,

Samuel G Shaw, FPSA, MPSA

Gold Rush Exhibition General Chairman

Annual PSA Council Challenge

Sam is going to organize our entries for the Annual PSA Council Challenge this year.

1) Three categories all digital: Color, Monochrome & Nature

2) Each Council may submit ten per category to PSA.

3) Each member may submit up to three entries per category to Sam Shaw (Lovesphoto@aol.com) by April 30th. Images should be 1024 x 768 a,d they should be named Firstname_Surname_Title.jpg, ie Craig_Hadfield_Awesome Picture.jpg

4) PSA Council Challenge – Councils Challenge | Photographic Society of America

Posted on behalf of John Greening.