2018 Classes are updated!

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In  2017 we voted to change the way A, AA, and AAA are assigned, and they are based on the previous year’s points, with the highest in any class, being in AAA for 2018.  This has resulted in quite a shake-up.

You can find where you are now by checking THIS page.

The first competition meeting will be February 11th, and the deadline for digital entries will be Friday, February 2nd.


November Entries

I have confirmed all entries I have received as at 10:15 PM Friday.  If you have sent entries before  10:15 PM friday and do not have a confirmation from me, I DO NOT have them.


Website Do Over!

I have the new website look close enough to make it usable now, will be finishing it off over the next couple of weeks.  If something isn’t working as it should please let me know.

There is a new form for submitting images, it looks pretty much like the last one but has better security to stop spam and it will give better feedback on errors.  Plus it will now accept apostrophes in file names without killing the form process.   It will also indicate which file is too large when trying to send as well.

If you have any images you like to be used for the site, either as a background/header or added to the slide show please email them to me.  If you send them 1900 * 1080 I can use them as a background, anything else I can use in the slide show.  Any long thin panorama’s I can use for the headers (1900 * 300).



Website Oddities!

I am currently working on a new website remodel, so at times you may find this site looks “odd”.  Don’t worry, it’s just when I am working and have the new one live for testing.  The website won’t be rolled over permanently until I am finished.

On that subject, I would like some members images to add to the website, 3-4 from each member will work, an a resolution of 1900 x 1080 or very close to it would be best.  Email them to me if you would like yours included in the website.


Would you use Instagram if you didn’t have to upload “Phone” photographs?

I’ve had an instagram account for a long time, but I never uploaded because I didn’t want to share “phone” photogaphs. A couple of weeks ago I came across a program that will let me upload photographs straight from my PC. You can even schedule photographs to upload in the future, the downside to that being you have to leave the program open and the PC on, Not a problem for me as I never switch off my PC.

The Program is called Gramblr, there are PC and MAC versions and it is free. You can check it out HERE.


Added a mobile friendly theme.

When you access SJVCCC.org from a phone or tablet, you should now see a much friendlier page to access. You have the option at the bottom of the page to still access the normal page.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues using this.