San Joaquin Valley Camera Club Council - Monthly Competitions

We Compete 9 months of the year.

Each meeting of the Council has both Print and Digital competitions. A Judge will critique and score each image entered.

There are four (4) Digital Divisions - Pictorial, Nature, Travel, and Photojournalism.

In all digital Divisions there are 3 Classes A, AA, AAA. Definitions for all Digital Divisions are the same in PSA and council.

There are two (2) Print Divisions...Color and Monochrome. The Color Division has Class A, AA and AAA, Monochrome has A & AA. Prints developed in the dark room or made/manipulated by the maker on his/her computer, are entered in Color Division. For all Divisions the maximum size is 16 x 20 including mat. (Size limits differ in PSA International Exhibitions in some Print Divisions, and are defined on each entry form.)

Members may enter up to two (2) digital images and prints in any number of divisions, accompanied by a completed form and $1 for each division entered.

Members in Classes A and AA with the highest score at year-end will advance to the next class. There will be only 6 members in Class AAA. At the end of the year if highest score in Class AA is higher than the lowest score in Class AAA, the members with those scores will exchange places. Only one exchange may be made a year.