Digital Slide Preparation Instructions

It's easier than it sounds, call Craig if you get stuck.

What can I submit?
In Photojournalism, Nature, Photo Travel and Pictorial you can submit 2 digital images.

What does "Submit" really mean?
You can submit digital images in 3 ways.
a) Use the Email Submission form HERE so that it arrives at least 9 days before the competition.
b) Email the digital file so that it arrives at least 9 days before the competition to our digital chairperson: or
c) Mail the digital file on a CD (which will not be returned) so that it arrives at least 10 days before the competition to our digital chairperson (Craig's address)

What will it cost?
Digital submissions will remain at $1 per division. The primary reason for this charge is to pay for end-of year prizes.
The entry fees should be turned in at the meeting at the table where you pay for your lunch, with a completed Entry Fee Summary.

What new rules will be needed for digital?
For Nature, PJ and Travel:
No element may be moved, cloned, added, deleted, rearranged or combined. No manipulation or modification is permitted except resizing, cropping, selective lightening or darkening, and restoration of original color of the scene. No special effects filters can be applied. Any sharpening must appear natural.

For Pictorial:
Everything goes! You may be as artistic and manipulative as you like. Keep in mind that some judges may react more negatively as the image moves further away from reality.

What technical requirements apply to the digital file?
The file type must be jpeg.
The max file size is 1 mb.
The maximum horizontal dimension is 1400 pixels.
The maximum vertical dimension is 1050 pixels.
The color space must be either RGB or sRGB.

But what if it is a vertical image?
The same rules apply. Due to the way projectors are made, we can not allow a vertical image that is more than 1050 pixels tall. So, in the case of a vertical it will most likely be 1050 pixels high by 700 pixels wide.

Does that mean I can submit square images?
Sure, as long as the vertical pixel count is less than 1050 and the horizontal pixel count is less than 1400.

OK. So how do I get it from my camera into this new digital format?
You can use any method you prefer, but it will be easier if you use a more popular editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Once I get this thing edited, how do I save it?
Good question! Our digital and regular competition chairs will be sharing the duties of digital files, so we need a standard way to make sure that we get it in the right spot.
So, we will need Division (Pictorial, Nature, PJ or Travel), Class (A, AA, AAA), the order you want it shown, (1 or 2), your name, and the slide title. Read on.

OK here is the exact naming details.
The first single letter is:
P for Pictorial
N for Nature
T for Travel or
J for PhotoJournalism

The second position is one of A, AA, or AAA. This can be one, two, or three letters.
The third position is Either a 1 or 2, 1 for your first image and 2 for your second.
So far we have this:
N_AAA_1 (Nature, triple A, image 1)
J_A_2 (Photojournalism, A, image 2)
P_AA_2 (Pictorial, AA, image 2)

Next comes your surname and if there is any possibility of someone else having the same surname, enough of your first name to make it unique. Examples: Dayton, Frazier, Hamby, CunninghamJ, CunninghamC, Bever, Mastin, Ward, JacobyW, JacobyR

Finally, an underscore followed by the title of the image. The title of your image MUST match the title on your entry form.
Final examples:
N_AAA_1_Cunninghamj_Polar Bear on iceflow.jpg
P_AA_2_Hamby_Yet another fly geyser.jpeg

WARNING: Do not use ' (apostrophes) in your file names

Feel free to contact Craig Hadfield with any questions.