1. Floyd Hopper February 5, 2018

    I attended the June Council meeting held in Merced. After reading the requirements for “Nature Division”, which I have entered in the past w/o any man made objects. I was surprised to see that several submissions included man made objects: ie-fence post. To my surprise the judge did not comment about this. So is it acceptable to include a man-made object, fence post, telephone pole, fence ,etc in Nature Division? Of was that month’s judge not aware of the requirements for Nature Division, or is it at the discretion of the judge?
    Floyd Hopper

  2. Craig February 10, 2018

    Fence posts are acceptable, as long as it doesn’t dominate the picture. Some judges make deduct for it, most will not. Roads, people, signs all typically are not acceptable.

    Final say is left to the Judge.

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